Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Weekend

When Billy comes to Ballina for the weekend I try to keep lots of free time for doing "off-the-cuff" things. Like a walk along the beach, a visit to new friends, a dinner party or a night out and a drive around the area. This weekend we covered all of those things. I was waiting at the aiport at 9.30pm when Bill arrived and I had a little light dinner for him - savoury egg sandwiches, fruit and nuts and a hot coffee. We enjoyed it as we drove along the highway to Ballina. This means he can come straight from the office to the airport and still have a good meal to keep his diabetes in control!

On Saturday I had his favourite croissants with some local jam ready for his breakfast and then we went and explored the main streets looking for a construction company. We also visited the pharmacy as Bill had brought Dante's conjunctivitis with him to Ballina! Then we went and visited A/Dymp and we took her on a drive to Lismore - about fifteen minutes away. The scenery on the way is spectacular and we drove through a few little sunshowers on the way.

On Saturday night I had invited two new friends to dinner and we had a great night exchanging life stories and family histories. Our friends run a bed and breakfast here and we had enjoyed a few nights there before we got our unit. It was nice to have a social exchange with new people in our new environment.

Sunday on our way to Mass Bill suggested we travel to Southport to visit my mother and maybe join my family for lunch or dinner. So suddenly we had another plan and we were off....we drove to Southport, spent the afternoon with my Mother and then picked up my brother and his wife and we went to my sisters for a wonderful evening meal. She is a great modern cook - had a delicious slow roast pork belly ready with an interesting salad, garlic mash and some great bread. We laughed and planned and drank and ate until it was time to get Bill to the airport again to return to Canberra. I arrived home about 10.45pm and Bill was met in Canberra by Joe about 11.45pm. A lovely weekend.


Clairie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend mum. Hope you are not washed away with all this rain.


Trish said...

Gem, you are doing a great job with your blog - I love it. Your photo was amazing - how did you do that?? Can't wait for you to teach me. Sha xx

Lincoln Jed said...

Love reading your blog, I will put it back on to my favourites! Great photos, Autumn is my favourite season.