Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Boat in the Water

Billy found this crab...
This is the men moving the furniture around for our home mass.

Billy Bellenger has fun at Lighthouse Beach.

Claire, Alan and Billy - waiting for breakfast.

Captain Bill getting the boat in the water.

The view from the Back seat.

Heading down the river.

Well we finally got the boat into the water. Not much further than that but now we know we can do it. Yes we Can!! Allan and Claire put in a long day and finally the boat was launched. There was a bit of a problem with one motor so they didn't go very far. Hope to get it in again next week when Ally and Joe arrive.

We had a lovely weekend. Had a home mass on Saturday night and Claire sang like an angel for us! After that we had twelve to dinner and enjoyed Bill's special Lamb Korma curry with lots of condiments.

On the Sunday we had a lazy day at the beach - walked in the sand, climbed the rocks and Claire was so relaxed she did some handstands! Billy was getting used to the roar of the waves but he did get excited when he found a crab in the rocks.

We were sorry to see Claire and family go but next week we welcome Ally and Joe and Dante and with a bit of luck we can talk Claire into coming back down so we can have some fun at the beach with the two little boys.

Watch Clairie doing her handstands!