Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The June Long Weekend

The Duffy's enjoyed a family outing at the RSL - Billy was confused with his G/Uncle Larry.

Well it was a really long weekend but it all flew by so fast. I drove to Coolongatta to pick up Bill as usual and we caught up on all the gossip on our journey home. We had a leisurely Saturday morning, Bill found some citrus plants he liked and I found my ‘Orange Jessamine” or Murraya that I love. It has a wonderful perfume but I have since found out that it is an environmental week - luckily I have it in a pot so that is acceptable. After a few hours my bare balcony looked lovely and inviting.
My very fruitful cumquat tree - getting the brandy ready for the preserves!

Larry arrived mid afternoon. We settled in for a quiet night, after a sung Mass at our Church, with the rain drumming on the roof. Sunday Morning we had breakfast at the RSL on the river and watched the Fishing Club parade with Claire, Allan, Jordan, Matt and little Billy.

The Ballina Fishing Club putting on a 'sail-by' for Bill!

Sunday was fishing and newspaper day and Cathie arrived to celebrate her birthday with her brothers. That night we had roast chicken for nine at The Shutters. We managed to fit everyone in and had a lovely night. We all had a chance to watch football, play table tennis,read the papers, walk along the beach wall or have a little nap - or enjoy cooking my roast chicken and trimmings in my lovely kitchen!
Having a quiet night in - the boys were next door playing table tennis in the Gardenia Room.

Monday was fishing day but we didn’t do too well. We did see some others catching fish but I think we have a lot to learn yet! We saw lots of wonderful things like a whale spurting and playing in the sea, lots of lively dolphins, a scurry of multi design coloured beetles and the surf at Byron Bay where we drove for a leisurely lunch with Dympna and Larry.
Cathie was first to spot the cavorting whale - and then we all saw the dolphins!

On Tuesday Bill did a few tasks for Dympna in her garden and then he and I had a picnic on the beach wall and watched the waves dash against the rocks at our feet. It was so relaxing and a good way for Bill to end his busy Ballina weekend.
We didn't want to leave our little picnic on the rocks!

We drove to Coolongatta and we had a nice dinner on the beach before we got to the airport where we enjoyed a quick catch up with Pete Gibbs and Sam. We left Pete and Sam and Bill to catch their planes and Ret and I drove home in my car for a quiet evening at the McDonalds.

Pete Gibbs and Sam heading back to Sydney.

This morning Ret served a healthy breakfast of boiled eggs, toast and marmalade and great coffee and then I headed into Southport to visit Mum. I had a lovely time with her – she took up her knitting like she had been doing it for years and really seemed to enjoy it. I left her having her lunch.

Mum picked up the knitting needles and remembered the stitch like it was yesterday!

After a quick chat with Tony I headed back home to Ballina. My weekend was over and I was alone again. I wondered how long before Billy would be here permanently but I did enjoy walking into The Shutters and making myself a cup of tea after such a busy, happy weekend. I drank my tea sitting on the patio admiring all the wonderful plants Bill potted for me there!

The view from my chair on the patio!


Trish said...

Ohhhh...I am so envious - other people getting to eat Gemma's roast chicken and I'm not! Great photos Gem - really brings the text to life actually seeing the people and places you talk about.'The Shutters' is the perfect name...might just be that I have been there and feel the peace, but the name conjures up tranquil images in my mind. Shaxx

Allycat said...

Sounds like you had a lovely long weekend - I love the cumquot tree, I can't wait to visit again when there is no rain to enjoy drinking some coffee on the balcony of "The Shutters". lol

Lincoln Jed said...

Wish we could be there, fingers crossed - sooner arther then later. I love the name of the The Shutters - sounds right. Lincoln is almost walking - has taken a couple of steps but don't think he will walk properly for a while. He is a very fast crawler and seems to prefer that!