Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planning the Future

Billy and I have talked a lot about what our autmn years might look like. In Canberra last week I think we agreed that we are well on the track to where we wanted to be. Bill is still considering his contract work - enjoying it and not really wanting to give up the additional security that his income ensures. At the same time there is the pressure to be enjoying the lifestyle that we have anticipated at Ballina. At this stage he is discussing a new contract with his employer but he is not sure yet of the timeframe.
I felt the same when I was working in Cancer Australia last year. I really enjoyed the work atmosphere, the challenges and the successes and the wonderful opportunities for making a change. However I was anxious to move on to the next step where my life was more contemplative and I had the time to think more about things - I imagined a time where I could just be me - rather than be someone doing something! I am almost there!!
In planning our retirement I think I changed my philosphy from not considering what I needed and then working out how much income we needed to support that (especially when I realised it would take many more years of work!) , to looking at my current income and considering how I can live on that....and I did! It is a challenge, and will be more challenging when Bill stops work, but I am sure we will be able to manage and be very happy. Bill says we might have to eat fish several times a week but we will get by!
Since settling here I have endeavoured to keep my life simple - this has not been easy with the many friends I have made and all their little projects! Not to mention my Aunt Dympna who is an endless ball of energy and hopes I might keep up with her! I have not made any commitments but feel I am doing my part in all the activities I do join. I was quickly invited to assist in the liturgy at my new Parish and our local Crowley mass - and I really enjoy that. I am working on the card stall with some wonderfully creative ladies for our Crowley fete in mid June. My job is to creat and print and cut the inserts for the cards they have made. It is keeping me busy. I am reading again and get through one or two books a week. Now I have recommenced this blog I hope to do some other writing and maybe get my book started! I have joined the local U3A and hope to do a creative writing course shortly.
Right now I am busy planning a relaxing weekend for Bill. He arrives on Friday evening - I will drive to the Gold Coast about one hour away to pick him up and he returns late on Sunday evening. I am so excited about having him here with me again and knowing that he will be back again next week for another few days. We have an apointment with our new solicitor to finalise our wills on the Tuesday and it will give Bill a few more days to check out the fishing. He has bought himself a fancy boat to go fishing with and is still deciding how and when to get it to Ballina. It is currently parked in Ally and Joe's back yard where Shilo is keeping guard on it.
We had a lovely rainy day today - it commenced during the night and I enjoyed hearing the rain on the roof. It has cleared up now so I might see if I can find someone for a walk on the beach.


Allycat said...

I love the photo - and the fact that you have now done FIVE posts! Very exciting! Can't wait to see some photos of you and dad enjoying your autumn years in Ballina!

Trish said...

I love reading your blog as you share your thoughts of retirement. I am sure your blog is an outlet for your creativity and a wonderful for your family to keep up with what you are up to, but I think it would be very interesting for other people about to enter your phase of life. Ally would be able to advise you about putting a Google ad for some retirement products perhaps then you make a few dollars on the side. Just a thought. Otherwise, just keep up the most appreciated blog! xxx

Clairie said...

Love seeing you and Dad in that photo mum. It has captured the essence of your blog as well as showing my two loving parents together.

In all things in life you are my role model. mmm but maybe I would have an extra jumper on :)