Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to Ballina and The Shutters.

I arrived back to beautiful weather and sunshine after a rainshower. I felt like I had come home when I walked back into my door. a/Dymp had met me at the airport and filled me in on all the gossip on our way home. We still had lots to talk about so I suggested a walk along the beach. It was lovely to feel the sand between my toes. The gentle waves with white tops were a sight to see and did wonders for my jet lag.

We have decided to call our new home The Shutters - I love our new window dressing and they are called Vogue Shutters!! We installed them in the lounge and dining rooms and the bedrooms and bathroom. They are very functional as well as very attractive. While I was away the electrician put in a few extra powerpoints for me so it is now all organised. I feel my home is settled and looking forward to Billy coming next Friday to spend some more time here. I have invited friends for a dinner on Saturday night and already looking at the cookbooks for something special.

This is the view from our patio. Bill has already planned a lemon tree for the patio and I am looking for an orange jasmine - also known as a muraya - in a pot so we can have wonderful perfume from the blossoms and lemons from our tree. We have never had a home without a lemon tree so looking forward to getting it all potted in. I am hoping you will be able to see it from the kitchen. We are still looking at furniture for the patio - it is a very pleasant area to sit and relax and the birds and tropical plants are new and interesting for me.
Looking forward to entertaining you all in our new home - we have a wallunit bed in our guest bedroom that is for our special guests!! Maybe you might spend a night or two relaxing here??


Clairie said...

mmm no mention of the coffee machine...did that make it home with you?

Glad that the Shutters is so welcoming and such a haven to you (and soon dad)

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Rosie said...

Mum, I love your blog. It is fantastic and you look so happy and relaxed in the photos! Looking forward to reading your posts. Mabye we will get a computer and start a blog too....I am number five after all so now there is Mum, Bridgy (LJ), Claire (billy) and Ally (Dante)...so must be my turn!! Love you. XX