Thursday, July 16, 2009

South Australian Colour

The Pro Hart mural on the Church at Yankalilla
The questions you were asking about the windfarm!

The view of the image of Mary on the wall of the Yankalilla Church.

The old flour mill where we had a very delicious lunch.

One fo the big 'fans' at the windfarm.

The setting sun on Aldinga Beach on my walk home last night.

The street where Francis and Jess the Scrub!

The Church where Our Lady of Yankalilla visits.

Some of the big trees near Myaponga.

Tour Guide Bill checks if we can drive through the rushing creek.

On Tuesday Bill and I took Tom and Grace for an outing to see the big windfarm. It was a lovely day and we had spectactular weather for seeing such a wonderful Australian enviroment. We keep thinking the the East Coast is the best place but the scenery we passed through on Tuesday rivals it for beauty.

We headed for Sellicks Beach and then onto Yankalilla where we visited the little Anglican Church that has a history of being a modern day 'appearance' of Mary. It has a lot of support. Pro Hart has done a special fresco for the entrance, and it has been treated with some respect by the locals and tourists alike. There is a mark on the wall beside the altar that clearly resembles an outline of Mary with Child.

We then headed up a country lane and found some wonderful old trees beside a fast running creek. It was beautiful country - how we all like to think Australia is!!

The Windfarm was spectactular. I was amazed at how close to the big 'fans' the sheep and cattle were grazing. I understand there is lots of opposition to having a wind farm near your home but this one looked very amazing on top of some high mountains looking out to sea and there was no sound at all from our position just beneath them.


Trish said...

Like Rosie said Gem - you have breathed some new life into your blog. Great to see the pictures and read the news. You will be sad to leave your seaside cabin, but the Shutters will be very welcoming I am sure. Sha xx

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me Gemma - I have made the BIG decision - will be finishing up at work in the next couple of months, taking long service till about May and then deciding what I want to do. Your experience had taught me that it is a 'process'rather than a destination - so I intend to enjoy each segment of the journey ahead.

Rita said...

anonymous = Rita - sorry about that - quite a while since I commented on your blog