Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aldinga Beach in Adelaide

Richard and Libby pick us up for some Retiree time at a coffee chop!
Enjoying a special roast chicken

Checking the view from our holiday cottage

Walking back to Francis and Jess's home along the walkway.

Another view of our cottage

Well we did make it to Adelaide after a special weekend in Warwick which I will record when I get home! Congratulations Trinny and Simon.

We drove in from Warwick and had a nice quiet afternoon at Claire's home before we caught a taxi to the airport and headed for Adelaide. Francis and Tom and Grace met us at the airport and dropped us home to our very comfortable and well appointed unit at Adinga Beach. It is about a twenty minute walk along the beach to get to Francis and Jess's place. The walk is good for us and we are enjoying the peace and quiet of the cottage after the hustle and bustle of a family home with four under twelve!!
Jess and I take it in turns to cook each evening. She has become a great cook - her roast chicken is as good a mine and last night she did a great osso bucco that had everyone coming back for seconds. We are having fun having a day off and having a chance to feed a mob!! Every now and then Billy and I have a quiet night at home with a red wine and some cheese and fruit. Life is easy here.

The family here are all well. Francis still has some issues to deal with around his oesophagus condition but it is not stopping them working hard and having fun. The children have all matured so much since we saw them last. Bill and I had Noah and Will over for a sleepover after Mass last Saturday night. It was a lovely evening and we all enjoyed it.

We have also had some quality time with Tom and Grace and visited cousins and cemetery. The weather has been okay. It s quite cool but each day we get several hours of sunshine and then usually a good shower of rain, morning or evening or both. It has been a bit difficult for Francis with his work but it means we have had lots of time to relax and have little visits together and read out books. We have hosted a BBQ for Richards birthday and enjoyed an outing catching up with Billy's cousin Dorothy May who lives up in the hills.

My restiricted computer access has made it difficult to get online but rest assured I have been taking photos and you will see and hear the stories soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mum, well I am so glad you have updated your blog! And it is good to actually see Frank & Jess in the flesh - need more shots of the kids though! Wow, look how grown up Grace looks..

Hi to all the Adelaide crew.
Love Rosie.X

Lincoln Jed said...

Great to hear all is going well. Love seeing all the photos of Francis, Jess and kids x

Eleanor said...

Hi Gemma,
Long time no hear from me or you! Saw about Billy's operation on his leg - was it a melanoma? Is he all O.K. now? Hope you and yours are keeping well and happy. Debbie presented me with a grandson Dec 18th andI look after him about 3 days a weeks when she goes to work, if I don't have him I have to go and see him anyway! Deb lives in the next street to me now.
Anyway, as I said hope is all good with you.
Love Nor