Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Really Good News

It is easy to get DAnte to bed - just let him have his friend Fusion for company and all is well!
Grandad and Dante did find a big swan who was quite interested in what was on offer.

On our way home from hospital we stopped in for a visit to the lake and had a lovely coffee admiring the natural surroundings.

Billy qqwas admiring the olives on this tree. I think it is a family trait to look like you are stealing the olives. He s getting better each day.

This is our new abode for the next week or so. I am so enjoying being here and cooking for a family again!! We have all the cookbooks out and we are eating well....and healthy.

Being in Canberra we are also enjoying some artistic appreciation. Ally has several artistic friends and one of them did this glasswindow for the Chapel at the Canberra Hospital. WE 's we discovered that went to Mass there on Sunday - Billy in a wheelchair - and had time to muse over what it all meant. When we got to Ally's we discovered that it was her friend Mel who had worked on the window and she was glad that we had taken some time to work it out. It was designed to be a meditative mural!! I was the journey of life through the four seasons, reflecting on the hospital admission, treatment, cure and discharge as being a similar jouney.

When we walked into our bedroom at Ally's there was another surprise. Her other artistic friend Alexandra who had made a special vase to order for BIll for our 40th Wedding anniversay had completed the vase with some words that Bill particularly like. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to get it back to the Shutters again!

Dante taking Grandad for a walk down to the lake to see if there are any swans there.

Well the patient has been discharged from Hospital with the good news from his surgeon that the pathology results proved they have removed all the cancerous tissue and no further treatment is required. We hurried home to our temporary haven at Ally's place. She has created a wonderful room for us that is light and airy and full of such wonderful books to read!!

We have had a few outings since leaving hospital. We had coffee on the lake and Bill had time to talk with the ducks and swans under the willows. It was so nice to have the good news about his leg and to know he is able to do what he wants from here on. He has difficulty walking at this stage and is still a bit weak but today we went to Lennox Gardens and had a lovely time in the park having a picnic lunch.

The community health nurse came to dress the leg yesterday and it is healing well. The wound is still quite sore so we have another week or so of recovery. AT this stage we are hoping to back in Ballina on or about 12th March for another week of recovery before Bill returns to work again. He is keen to get back in the saddle but I think he is talking about maybe doing reduced hours for a while.

I have been able to turn my attention to my studies and am ready to do my first paper of our next topic. It has been interesting reading and I am looking forward to putting some thoughts to paper.
More later...


Bev said...

Great to hear the good news!
Wishing you a speedy recovery Bill.
Love from Keith & Bev

Trish said...

Good to see the patient is ticking all the right boxes. Enjoy your soujourn at Ally & Joe's - Dante must be loving having you both near. It may be harder than you think to return to the shutters. I am at Nerang after lunch with Tony, Yudian, Ret & Greg - just waiting for Murray to return after his 2 weeks RAAF reserve work. Lunch with friends here tomorrow lunch, then home to Ballina. xxx