Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Patient Improves

Well is is Sunday - Four days since the operation and all is going well. His blood pressure is back up to normal (it went very low) and his temperature and returned to a good rate (It had gone a bit high the second evening).The wound was dressed yesterday and it seemed to be as expected. We were both a bit surprised at the depth of the wound.

Today Bill had a shower and was able to sit in a wheelchair while I took him down to mass in the Canberra Hopistal Chapel. It was nice to get him out of bed and he enjoyed the mass in the Chapel where the focus was on the Victorian bushfire tragedy.

After lunch he is allowed to let his leg hang over the side of the bed for five minutes each hour for a few hours to let his leg become accustomed to the increased blood flow and then he will be allowed to walk around his bed. Tomorrow, all going well he will be able to walk to the toilet and shower.

Showering is a big exercise as he can't bend his leg and his whole leg is enclosed in a dressing and bandage which are not allowed to get wet. He is SO looking forward to being without all that baggage!

We have a nice visit from one of his workmates yesterday and in the afternoon Ally and Joe and Dante called in again for a little visit. They then followed me down to Woden and helped with a problem with my printer. Ally had it fixed and then I had a quiet tea and an early night.

I have given Bill a big red journal and his new project is to fill in all he can remember of each year of his life - sixty nine pages!! Maybe it is the start of our life story. At this stage the main elements of each year are Where are You? What are you doing? Who is with you? What special events happened this year? Maybe we will have it outlined well enough to release it for his Seventieth?? I am going to find some photos - so if anyone can send a year and an event they remember well please email to me (allygata) and to Bill (capsonline2) when you get a few moments.

I have commenced doing the same thing for myself and while the first twenty five years will be very different both in georgraphy and social events - after that we should have a very similar and intersting story. We hope to be able to fill in a lot more facts as the years get closer.

I have kept copies of my Christmas Newsletter (NO there wasn't one for 2008!!) since 1985 so that should be a great help in filling in the spaces!

Ally and Joe are going to pick me up from the hospital and take me for a Sunday drive this afternoon out to see Rosa, an old italian friend, who they spent the day with yesterday making fresh tomato pasta sauce. We are going to pick up our share. I will spend the night with them and then be back at the hospital in the morning.

Bill's mobile is working again and he turns it off when he is having some attention so feel free to call if you like. He is really looking forward to getting out of hospital.

Thanks for all your messages...more pictures tomorrow.


Trish said...

Great talking to you today Gem, and the blog is a wonderful adjunct to all the news. I have been experimenting with the photoshop program, so check our my latest blog update for a demo! Glad Bill is progressing well. Aunty Dympna & I are holding the fort here at Ballina. Come home soon. xxx

Clairie said...

Glad to get the update Mum, wonderful to hear all the news over there as we have been in and out of home all weekend and just busy busy busy.

don't forget when you do the book...Dads favourite year was 1973. He experienced pure joy when I was born. He was in Mackay but knew he had to prepare to move to the Territory to show his beautiful daughter all the wonders of the red desert.
He was eating Steak (Dad always does) and helping out Grandad. I don't remember much else from that year, I was to busy sleeping and feeding.


Eleanor said...

I forgot to add how much like Greg Tracey is getting!!!!
Love Nor