Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have finally taken the plunge and signed up for a Certificate IV Course in Theology. It is an accredited course described as a systematic introduction to contemporary Catholic theology.

My Collins dictionary describes Theology as ‘the systematic study of religions and religious beliefs ‘ – the new course handbook quotes St Anselm as describing Theology as “faith seeking understanding.” I am interested in all that and am lucky to find myself in the situation where I have the time and the inclination to study it seriously. This all means I will have to put some discipline around my time and energy and read something other than the wonderful novels I am devouring at the moment.

Why am I doing this? I have often wanted to understand more fully what the link is between my faith and how I interpret my religion – the Catholic religion; To understand how faith and reason can exist together. I am wholly supported and enlivened by what I describe as my faith. I know my faith has contributed significantly to my positive interaction and enjoyment of life and I would like my children and their children to have such an experience. This course promises to help me understand all that and to engage confidently in theological discussion and reflection.

Side benefits are the participation in group study with some people I really like; gaining the qualification to work in a paid job in a Catholic School or Parish at some time in the future; an opportunity to put my thoughts into writing at some time; and the hope that the discipline of study might stop my brain from its rapid deterioration into jelly!!

It is suggested that the study of Theology will allow me to become “philosophical, long-suffering and magnanimous”. You can be the judge!!!

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Trish said...

Good for you Gem - you will have to post your daily 'study hours' up on the front door of The Shutters. Otherwise my visits might coincide with your study time and I know how frustrating it is to just get started and then someone knocks at the door or the phone rings - at least you can take the phone off the hook. Sha xx