Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family & Friends

Enjoying Dinner at Kaths.

Had a busy week enjoying life at the Shutters and entertaining or being entertained by my family and friends. I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend, time to induct myself to my study discipline and do some serious reading on theology.

Billy and I watching the opening of the Olympic Games.

Then on Friday afternoon Clairie (daughter Claire who is now called Clairie!) phoned and asked if I would like company to watch the opening session of the Olympic Games. Yes, Yes! I forgot I was dining out but I did keep that appointment. I enjoyed dinner with Kath and her friends before running upstairs and welcoming Claire and family about 9pm. We settled in for a good night of TV and then we all went to bed and slept soundly (including Billy) until morning. I took the opportunity to teach Billy how to dance so he could join Dante in some new steps! Next week I will have the opportunity to teach LJ in Canberra.

Teaching Billy to dance.

On Saturday morning I cooked Pufftaloons for them all and watched in amazement as they quickly disappeared from the plate. I used to love Dad cooking us Pufftaloons when I was young. I still find them a real comfort food.
Passing on the recipe for Pufftaloons.

After breakfast Claire and Allan headed for the beach with Jordan and Bill and I set about preparing curried sausages and rice as per request for dinner at home that night. Dympna joined us and we settled in to watch the latest James Bond DVD that Claire had brought down. I watched it till the end but some of the others did not last so long!!

On Sunday morning we all traipsed out to the Macadamia Castle for breakfast. I had wanted to check it out as something to recommend to guests. Breakfast was great and there did seem to be lots to see and do for little ones. The best part for the oldies was the food and gifts shops!!

Some quality time in my study!! Not much study though..

Then on Sunday evening my friends Marion and Graham arrived. We had all done our Leaving Certificate at Darwin High School together. We had an early dinner and then a long evening chatting over old times and discussing how to grow old successfully. In the morning we breakfasted, chatted some more, did a quick tour of Ballina and then went to Shelleys for morning tea before they headed for home in Brisbane. It was a lovely way to end the weekend.Marion and Graham at Shelley's Beach.

Then on Monday night I received a call from Nephew Mark to say he was going for a drive on Tuesday and would like to call in to Ballina for a visit. I encouraged them to stay for lunch and we had another lovely family day. Mark and Tanya inspected The Shutters and the Crowley complex and seemed quite impressed with it all.

Dympna explaining to Ruby that she is her Great Grand Aunt!

Baby Ruby was interested in travelling and being outside but she objected when we expected her to be quiet while we had lunch!! Tanya and Mark seemed to know how to manage her beautifully. Dympna joined us for lunch and she was able to pass on some family history to Mark and we went over to inspect her home and some old paintings of Great Grandad Ryalls property at Ben Vale. I hope they come again.

Mark & Tanya with their little treasure


Clairie said...

Well if these are your quiet years I would hate to have been there for your busy years....wait a minute...that was my childhood!!!

Great to see you again mum and have some wonderful moments together.

PS. Billy is still dancing. Jolly wanted to know where I taught him as he bobs away to Playschool even now!!!

Allycat said...

Ohh We have a baby ruby in the family - Now I can say it is a familiy nam ;-).

Looks like you had so much fun - Billy is growing very strong, looks like those dancing lessons are paying off. Dante might have a few new steps to show you too grandma!

ood luck with your theology course - I will look foward to hearing about the sort of assignments you will be required to do.