Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nah Trang to Ballina

Scenes from Vietnam:

The standard of the accommodation was excellent. It was at least four star if not five. We loved coming to each new hotel and enjoying the luxury after a day in the country!
The cooking class we took was great. Learnt how to make fresh vietnamese spring rolls and a fish dish. We each got a little cook book and we ate what we cooked....and enjoyed it!

Coming up from the rice paddy with some rice stalks. I was so impressed with the demeanour of the workers, smiling, gently and always working but slowly. They didn't waste any of the crop either - used the seeds, the stalks and the leaves...as well as the rice!!

Up in the mountains on the way to Dalat. Very picturesque. apparently was used by the Americans and French during the war as it had spectacular overview of the coastline.

Bikes, bikes and more bikes. Usually carrying a family of four - we did see a family of six. Babies are carried in papooses on someones back and some sit on the handlebars.

This is a traditional family fishing with a wire net on a wheel.
We had a great night out when we were dressed as the Kings and Queens of Vietnam. they dressed us all in about five minutes and we dined in our outfits. food was varied and delicious .

On one of our day cruises Dympna checked out the shopping. We bought some great clothes made in silk and have had lots of fun wearing the outfits here in Ballina.

On a lazy day Dympna and I had breakfast on a tray in our room. they wheeled in a big table and poured out hot coffee and hot toast. It was very special!! We had several "lazy" days!

We visited the musuems - this is the first time we lined up for a photo in vietnam. It is Ho Chi Minns Museum and Grave. He wasn't there. They had taken him to Paris for a make-over!
We had lots of fun, learnt lots including some very patriotic songs, and really enjoyed the company of our fellow tourists and new friends.
Will finish off tomorrow and get on with the rest of 2008....and then I can start on 2009. sorry..


Clairie said...

Thanks Mum for posting. It was wonderful to hear/see this today.

I really miss you today.

Lots of love. Today and always.

Trish said...

Yay - Gem is back on the blog! xx