Friday, February 20, 2009

Bill's Good News

Well the operation for Bills bcc/scc cancer has gone really well so far. The surgeon informs us it went as he had planned and the hard part now will be healing the skin graft over the wound. He has left three pages of specific instructions for the nurses here and so far so good!

He has to have strict bed rest for the first four days. He is already finding that hard! On the fourth day they will let him hang his leg over the bed for five minutes each hour and at the end of the day he can stand up beside the bed. On the fifth day he can walk to the shower. He is counting the minutes..

This is how well he looked on the day after the operation. His leg is very sore but is being managed by painkillers. He slept well last night for the first time - Thursday.

This is the little enemy that caused all the trouble. It was an itchy/scaly patch on the side of his knee for several months and then in November he noticed it had changed. A quick visit to the doctor and his operation was planned forwith.

I felt like being a nurse again! It is great for me to have the time to just look after my special patient. I am looking forward to the recovery period when we can have some really quiet time together and cared for by Ally and Joe.

Dante was the first visitor. He was a bit surprised to see Grandad all in white and lying in a funny bed but he managed to shake hands before he started taking the bed apart!

All your calls and texts have been appreciated. Ally and Joe are looking after me and I am keeping my get fit campaign on track.
God Bless


Bev said...

Good to see Bill looking so well after the op and your nursing skills put into practice Gemma. We have been thinking of him and please give him our love and best wishes. Take care! Love Bev & Keith

Clairie said...

So good to see you Daddy.


Trish said...

I was saying to Jenny & Leonie that it was odd you hadn't rung or emailed with Bill's update, then it hit me to look in the blog. Much appreciated. Keep up the Florence Nightingale tradition, and bring Bill back to Ballina very soon. xxx

Lincoln Jed said...

Having had Shae in hospital and having to kee her still for 4 days - I dont evny you Mum! Glad to see you looking so good dad! All our love..