Saturday, September 20, 2008


The new car for Rosie and Mark
Hello Readers

I am getting so many calls asking what happened to Rosie and her car accident.

I decided that seeing as she hasn't got her Blog up and running yet I should do some work for her! Rosie had a car accident last week. Her car was badly damaged and as you can see she now has a shiny new replacement. I understand her insurance is covering most of the costs. She was not hurt and apart from the nuisance of being without a vehicle for two weeks she has come through unscathed. Mark is on the way to Melbourne to pick the new car up from there.
Georgia looking very composed for her book fair - can you guess who she is?

Georgia and Bailey sometimes present on LJ's blog - but not often enough. So please allow a very proud Grandma the joy of showing these photos. They were in dress up mode and looking quite beautiful. They are growing up so quickly.
Bailey in a very Bo Peep pose??

Rosie and Mark have been working hard settling into their new home and getting the airconditioning in for my arrival!! I think!! In their spare time they still find time to keep fit.
Rosie and Mark with their team

I am looking forward to my trip to Darwin in November. Not so far away....

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