Friday, September 26, 2008

From Hanoi to Hue

Hello Everyone,

Well we had a quick, comfortable flight from Hanoi to Hue last night. We arrived about 9pm and it was nearly 10pm by the time we got to our hotel. IT is a grand old hotel on the Perfume River and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. Dympna and I are really enjoying ourselves and beginning to relax. We are still both bothered with the high humidity and the warm weather. It is always a comfort to rush back to our hotel room for the airconditioning and a cup of tea.

We are finding the food wonderful. It is always a little different, we are being adventurous and have enjoyed everything so far. Even like the Pho - a sort of chicken noodle soup which is often eaten at breakfast - it is delicious. Last night after the flight we called into a little cafe and had spring rolls and shrimp pancakes. Both hard to describe, not what we expected, but we loved them and wished we had ordered more.

We are getting used to the monetary system and taking care not to exceed our budget!! I have got some little souvenirs and some diningware and shirts. I am already over my luggage allowance as we found out last night (but they did not worry about it!). I will have to carry anything else.

Today we visited the Citadel - a vast array of buildings and temples that used to house the King and his court. It was badly damaged by the bombing raids during the war but is slowly being re-constructed with the suport of UNESCO. The pagoda nearby on the Perfume River was spectacular to look at. Dympna and I are not to bothered with all the history - a brief summary is all we want and then we walk around for a look....or a shop!! We decided not to visit the two tombs that were part of the afternoon tour and had a nap in our room and repacked our bags and organised someone to make us two blouses by 9pm tonight. We were delighted at the opportunity that we found by ourselves. Picked out some nice silk and hope to have a good result. The cost is $15 (American) for the silk and the finished product! As usual I am having slacks made to match for the same price.

Interesting to hear the news from Perth and the issue of the wedding date. Hope all goes well for Tashie and Michael. I will be paying full attention to the readings!!

We have another day here including a half day cruise down the Perfume River and then we head on the Hoi An where we hope to get some shoes made. We understand there is a shop (advice from a friend in Ballina) where we can pick out our own leather and design and have them made to fit in the same day. Wish us luck.

Well - I hope all is well back in Australia. I have a little tinge of homesickness now and then and I am really looking forward to being back at the Shutters with Billy and looking forward to our visitors. I know the Bennets are in the vicintiy and I hear Francis and Jess might make the trip as well. Sha and Murray are on the way home and Christmas is very close.

Love to all from Dympna and Gemma in Hue


Lincoln Jed said...

Dear Mum and Aunty Dymp,

Soudns like you are having a wonderful time. I have been really busy with work and probably wil continue to be busy for another couple of weeks but I am enjoying everything except the travel. I was in Alice Springs last night, it was the 25th anniversary of the Americas Cup, do you remember we were at Ayers Rock (Uluru) when we beat the yanks? I remember celebrating amidst a whole group of American tourists. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

Trish said...

We arrived home safely and were met at the airport by Ret & Tracy - had a nice coffee & toasted brekky sandwiches with them there. Ret then drove us to the Coast and we had a lovely lunch at the Anglers Arms with Rose & Mum & Ret. Mum is the best I have seen her in years. Very interactive and she was aware that only 3 of her daughters were with her, and asked where was the 4th!! She really surprised me! Stay safe. xxxx

Clairie said...

Love you mummy xxx Miss you lots

Daughter Three

Hope you are taking good care of her Aunty Dymp :) Not too many cocktails I hope!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,
I have just found your blog today...and have spent a wonderful morning catching up with your life!!!! I hope you are enjoying Vietnam. I finished up my job on Friday and start my new one on Wednesday. i will be able to tell you all about it when you come to visit. I miss you... more after reading the blog and hearing all about the family....I feel a long way away from it all! I am glad for the opportunity to read and keep up with all the goings on! Thinking of you and Aunty Dymp. Lots of love, Monic