Sunday, August 31, 2008

LJ Comes to Canberra

Bridget brings LJ to Canberra
It was so exciting when we heard Bridget and LJ were coming to Canberra for a work visit. I jumped on the next plane and was able to spend two days with them. Ally had set her home up so we were all very comfortable. I had a quick chat with LJ on Thursday night to catch up on all the gossip from Darwin and he had a little play with Grandad before he went to bed and then on Friday Bridget went to work and ally and I took over.
Grandma and Grandad getting LJ ready for bed.

Grandma Gem had to introduce LJ to Oscar and all the animals in his bedroom.

It was so lovely to see how Dante and LJ just played together as though they were friends from way back! LJ quickly recognized that Grandma was his minder and we become good mates. He got a bit upset if I walked away from him!
Dante and LJ teaching each other how to solve the shape and colour puzzle.
Ally and I took them both to Kid City for the afternoon and we had a hectic but fun afternoon. The boys played in all the areas but I think they liked the balls and the tunnel best. LJ had fun inspecting all the wall in the tunnel but Dante just bulldozed his way from one end to the other.

Dante and LJ in the mosh pit with Grandma.

I was on strict instructions that we had to wear the boys out so they would sleep for the babysitting that night. Ally and I did find time to have our lunch and a cappuccino. I also had to each LJ how to do the Grandma Gem dance that I had taught his sisters many years ago! Dante had learnt last month so he was able to do a good impression this time on his own!LJ and Dante having a great time laughing at Grandma in the ball pit!

LJ loved climbing through the tunnel - especially when he found a friend at the other end!

Billy was so excited to have us all there that he had brought tickets to My Fair Lady. We went and the whole five of us thought it was a wonderful show. We were so impressed with the sets and the costuming. I loved hearing all those old songs again and it was great being out with the big boys after our day with the little boys!! We left Ally’s neighbor Anne babysitting and she did a great job. Bridget, Bill and Ally at My Fair Lady - can you find them?

LJ trying to arrange with me to stay in Canberra.

Next morning we took Bridget shopping and then it was time to get her on her plane for Darwin. LJ was quite happy to stay with Grandma but Bridget insisted he go. He inspected the airport for an escape but finally boarded on Virgin and they left. I hope to get up to Darwin to see LJ and the family in Darwin in the next few months.

LJ trying to see if Joe could help with his airport problems.

Virgin Blue have signed up their next poster boy.

All good things come to an end. I had another day in Canberra and Dante quickly made up for lost time and nearly said Grandma for the first time!! He tried to get me to stay a little longer but finallywhen he saw my packed bags he decided to come to Ballina instead.

Dante trying to get a free flight to Ballina.

I guess Ally and Joe were quite happy to see all the visitors go so they could have some time with Dante themselves!


Clairie said...

Its just wonderful to be able to log onto the computer and see my family and what they have been up to.


Allycat said...

Not Oscar - FERNANDO! But I did love seeing the weekend re-cap - we did do a lot of things didn;t we! Looking forward to doing it all again this week! lol

Lincoln Jed said...

Great photos Mum, have sent your address to Mam and Jiraphorn so they can see even more photos of the boy. It was wonderful to see you and Dad, enjoyed every minute of it and hoping Ally forgets how bad it was and wants us to all come again xx