Monday, July 21, 2008

Travelling Home

Dante with Joes parents Mick and Ida, and brother Tony at the funeral.

On our way home from Perth we had a week or so stopover in Canberra so Bill could catch up with his work project and I could manage my jetlag! Dante was excellent on the trip home, slept most of the way on Ally's lap so we did not help much - but it is still a long way to fly. Frank and Ida and Mick saw us off at the airport and Dante was reluctant to leave his newly discovered Nonna.

We quickly adjusted to the Canberra climate which was VERY COLD and settled in comfortably to Ally's 'being decorated' home. She and I had some fun searching out items to match her new plans for the kitchen. I am sure you have all seen her blog and her new 'decorator' blog at We had a great Sunday night out with Bill's workmates although we disgraced ourselves by being half and hour late for a roast dinner! It was a lovely night and I really enjoyed the opportunity to have some girl talk in the kitchen with some experienced professionals, cooks and mothers while the men talked work and football!

Bill, John, Karen, David & Jenny enjoying some delicious food and great conversation.

On the appropriate day we also celebrated my 65th birthday by going out to our favourite Italian restaurant. It was Dante's first experience with a real babysitter and it all went well. Thank you for all your birthday calls and emails and text messages. We spent some time at dinner sorting out our texting.

Managing the text messages..

I had a chance to catch up with some Canberra friends again and visited my old workmates. I also got the opportuntity to teach Dante how to walk. He also learnt how to hang the washing on the line! It was a freezing cold day and except for the company I was so glad we decided not to retire in Canberra!

Ally caught up with one of her teachers from Catholic High in Alice so she invited him home for dinner one night and we had a great time. I always regret that I have not been able to let my teachers know how important they were in my life. Since leaving the NT I have lost contact with all of them. Alex is now working in Adelaide and it was great to catch up on all his news and special events from our time in Alice. Rita and John joined us for the night and it turned into another birthday party!! I was excited to hear that Rita and John are planning a trip to Ballina very soon.

Bill, John, Rita, Alex, Gemma, Joe and Ally..celebrating & catching up.

On a wet and cold Friday night Bill and I flew home to Ballina. We flew into the Gold Coast and picked up a hire car for the weekend. We were both exhausted by the time we drove home to Ballina but it was good to finally reach our haven. Aunty Dymp had left us some bread and milk and coffee cake and we enjoyed a late supper before falling into OUR OWN BED!!


Allycat said...

Oh we had such a wonderful time when you came to stay - maybe you can come again in September?? Love the photos - Dante is missing his Grandma very much

Trish said...

What a nice start to my day to discover your blog is active once again. I have been looking, looking, looking, and now it is there - great photos. I am glad mumma got her wish for her dying moments.