Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Canberra Visitors

Pre-dinner drinks before the Thai Chicken Curry

Shortly after my return from Canberra I had a quick visit from Rita and John. Rita and I have worked together in various Commonwealth Departments over the last ten years or so. I really enjoy her company and Bill and I have really come to appreciate the quiet and gentle John. They tested out my Wallbed and gave it the thumbs up! We had a really relaxing time – checking out the local environment and the RSL. Rita and I had a nice lunch there and then a walk on Shelley’s beach while John was escorted around town by his friend.
Rita and I enjoying the walk along Shelley Beach.

I had to show off my kitchen so I cooked one night – did a nice Thai chicken curry with the Kaffir lime leaves from my tree in Canberra. The tree was a gift from Sha and Murray and it now doing very well at Ally and Joe’s. Bill brings me up a few leaves each trip. Aunty Dympna joined us and then John & Rita walked her home. They were quite impressed with the Shutters, Crowley Village and Ballina itself.

Rita, Dympna and I enjoying dinner - photo courtesy of John!

Rita and John continued on their way up the coast and were back in Canberra before I knew it. Good luck with the new job Rita. Hope John accepts the job offer up here soon….!!!


rita evans said...

Hi Gemma

John and I really enjoyed our trip to Ballina. It was great to see the 'Shutters' in real life, and we were impressed with how spacious the apartment is. The
'wall bed' was fantastic and I am keen for John to build one for us in our spare room. We are certainly thinking that it would be a good place to settle once we are retired! We had a lovely time catching up with old school friends and family in Queensland after our visit with you. John has been back at work over a week now, but I don't start back until next Monday. I will keep you posted with how I go....

John and Rita

Trish said...

Gem - it was lovely to 'see' Rita again - how nice that her & John came to visit and see Ballina. I would like it if they retired there too. Sha xx