Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Mini Market Day

Well this is the card stall at the Crowley Mini Market for 2008. Crowley residents and their friends work throughout the year to make handicrafts and special items for the day. The locals are very supportive and funds raised go towards facilities for the Aged Care services provided by Crowley. Now I am a resident I joined the card making stall. My Aunt Dympna has been involved for a few years in this stall and I have heard about their activities and sent used items for her to use. Now I am one of the team!!

It has been fun – I love to work with such energetic and creative people and they know how to enjoy themselves. While I don’t have any creative skills I was able to use my technical skills and wonderful computer to design and produce some inserts for the cards. This is one morning we had a session in the Gardenia Room. The girls are looking very serious but I had to bide my time between jokes to take this shot!

The Gardenia Room is next door to my unit and we make good use of it. The grandchildren have had fun at the table tennis table; Sam had a play on the organ; Bill and Larry enjoy the daily papers that get delivered there every morning; and I just enjoy walking past and seeing such a wonderful area for my use! It was a good place to invite our card makers for our final session to ready for the Market Day.

The Market day dawned sunny and bright – we do get a lot of rain her in Ballina! – and I think they would be satisfied with the crowd. We sold lots of our cards and paintings and made about 30% more than last year so we all thought it was a great success.
Dympna and I were exhausted so we took our sausage sizzle down to the beach for a recovery lunch….and then we went home to bed.

During the evening i had a call from Perth to say Mumma Duffy was being admitted to hospital and was not likely to recover. While we have been expecting this news over the last few months it still came as a shock. Bill flew across immediately from Canberra and he got there in time to have a little conversation with his Mother. the rest of the family are gathering and I will fly over tonight from Brisbane. I think Claire is going to come and get me to the airport. Families are wonderful and you experience that most at the saddest times!


Bridgette said...

Sad times, hope you and Dad are well. We are thhinking of you both and remembering the good times with Grandma.

Trish said...

It's been several days now and Mumma still seems to be holding in there. She was obviously waiting for her loved ones to gather before she leaves them to join her Maker, husband and daughter. Give her a hug from Murray & Sha xx