Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Canberra Again

Hello Everyone,
Well I really did escape! Loved all your responses but since my first blog I have retired from work - really - and retired to another city! It has taken all my resources, physical, emotional and financial!! Bill and I are now comfortably ensconced in a wonderful three bedroom unit in Crowley Village at Ballina, northern NSW. You will hear more about our move and our life at Ballina as this blog progresses.
I am going to change the name of the Blog to "Our Autumn Years" and the focus will be how Bill and I are living and enjoying our retirement - or the autumn of our life! Bill is still finishing off his contract in Canberra and we are both commuting from Ballina to Canberra as time and finances permit!

This week I am back in Canberra - we are staying with Ally and Joe and about to celebrate Dante's first birthday on Friday. I fly back to Ballina on Monday for another few weeks until Bill comes up at the end of May and again Mid June for a few days.

Autumn is a wonderful time in Canberra and we are expecting our retirement to be the same. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since we commenced our plan to retire at Southport several years ago. Those plans were slightly revised and on the 7th March Bill and I got the keys to our own home unit at Ballina and moved in. The moving in was such fun and we had all our family around to help us. Moving to Ballina has taken us much closer to most of or siblings and it is somewhere where I am sure the children and grandchildren will all like to visit.

More about Ballina and "the Shutters" in the next post.

Gemma Ann


Clairie said...

So great to see you on line again mum.

I love you very much and look forward to reading about my parents autumn years.

Even better....I look forward to sharing them with you.


Trish said...

Love the new look website Sis. One more blog to add to my regular reads. I guess by the time you get this you will be ready to head back to Ballina. Safe flight. We are relaxing in Carson City, capital of Nevada. Sha xx